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As a developer, I am

  • mostly specialized in PHP on the backend, but had contact with Angular too
  • fast learner, thorough, dependable

As a human, I am

  • a social person. I like all people (some I like to keep close, some I like to see from time to time and others I like to avoid)
  • known as a coffee lover, but not ashamed to be seen drinking the occasional beer after hours
  • in disagreement with the 'pay is not important' philosophy. Enjoying what you do is a nice bonus, but not the only important thing in the world :)

I'm looking for

  • friendly atmosphere aka human workplace
  • work from home
  • interesting projects built with non-ancient technologies (Symfony 5, PHP 8)
  • working as part of a team of people with strong technical skills
  • room for career advancement

I expect

  • decent equipment to do my work on (SSD, dual monitor setup, you know the drill)
  • all the necessary trainings to be able to do my job in the company
  • periodical reviews followed by results proportional to progress
  • no (unpaid) overtime or no overtime at all (I work better when I can disconnect)

Would be nice to have

  • flexible program
  • extra days off based on seniority

Work Experience

Angular/PHP Developer

Expert Software, Bucharest
August 2017 - Present (7 years)

Document management, Microservices

Symfony, Angular, Custom PHP, MySQL, Ubuntu (dev machine)

Team Leader (development)

StreamWIDE, Bucharest
January 2014 - July 2017 (3 years 7 months)

Long running backend applications

Zend Framework, MySQL, Redis, Ubuntu (dev machine)

PHP Developer

StreamWIDE, Bucharest
March 2012 - December 2013 (1 year 10 months)

Long running backend applications

Zend Framework, MySQL, Redis, Ubuntu (dev machine)

PHP Developer

Aplast, Ceptura
January 2007 - February 2012 (5 years 2 months)

Order management platform

Custom PHP, MySQL


Noob Fighters

Simple game built in Javascript using Phaser

PHP library: Display table

A simple PHP Library for generating tables in text format, useful for writing summaries in log or console.

Python: img2text

Convert images into ascii art.

Professional Skills

Design Patterns
HTML, CSS, Javascript


Zend PHP 5.3 Engineer

December 2013

Master degree

University of Petroleum and Gas, Ploiesti

Advanced Automation and Programmable Structures


University graduate

University of Petroleum and Gas, Ploiesti

Computer Science